History of Infectious Diseases

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History of Infectious Diseases / VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2, AUGUST 2020

A Physician’s Encounter with Epidemics: Courage vis-á-vis Ignorance

Fatih Artvinli

It would be apt to refer to the 20th century as a period of forgetting or not remembering in terms of the history of medicine in general and history of epidemics in particular. A historian of medicine, Frank Snowden, refers to this state as historical amnesia. With the sense of fear and danger that COVID-19 pandemic has instilled in people, the curiosity Read More

Letter to the Editor / VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2, AUGUST 2020

Footprints of the 21st Century Pandemic: Coronavirus History

Yeşim Besli

An emerging illness in new-born chickens, characterized by gasping and listless, was described as “An apparently new respiratory disease of chicks” by Schalk and Hwan. Then it was discovered that the disease was communicable; however Read More