The Official Journal of the Turkish Society Of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (KLİMİK)

History of Infectious Diseases

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History of Infectious Diseases / VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1, MARCH 2023

Museums of Medicine and Health: Curating Public Health

Uğurgül Tunç

In the first quarter of the twentieth century, health and hygiene-themed exhibitions and museums became prevalent communication tools for public health throughout the world. However, the primary motivation behind their establishment as medical museums was the educational (...) Read More

History of Infectious Diseases / VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2, AUGUST 2020

A Physician’s Encounter with Epidemics: Courage vis-á-vis Ignorance

Fatih Artvinli

It would be apt to refer to the 20th century as a period of forgetting or not remembering in terms of the history of medicine in general and history of epidemics in particular. A historian of medicine, Frank Snowden, refers to this state as historical amnesia. With the sense of fear and danger that COVID-19 pandemic has instilled in people, the curiosity Read More