The Official Journal of the Turkish Society Of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (KLİMİK)

Science History

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Commentary / VOLUME 5, ISSUE 3, SEPTEMBER 2023

Centenary of the Republic and 90th Anniversary of the University Reform in Türkiye

Önder Ergönül

The Oppenheimer film reminded us once again of the situations in which scientists were forced to immigrate unwillingly from their own countries. No doubt, the most striking tragedies happened during the Nazi period in Germany. The film reflected many physicists, including Einstein, who emigrated from Europe to the USA during this period and aroused curiosity […] Read More

History of Infectious Diseases / VOLUME 5, ISSUE 4, DECEMBER 2023

Knidos Medical School and its Reflections on Modern Medicine

Önder Ergönül

Many people assumed that Asclepius was the God of Medicine and that her followers, the Asclepiads, were priests in temples and shrines called Asclepion. Asclepius and her daughter Hygeia who is known as goddess of hygiene are still the iconic names for modern medicine (Figure 1). However, as our knowledge deepened, it became possible to […] Read More

Editorial / VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1, MARCH 2024

Two Pioneers of Women Medical Doctors

Füsun Can and Özlem Kurt-Azap

Women have fought hard worldwide to obtain their right to education and service in medicine. Türkiye’s first female physicians, who challenged the traditional structure and struggled to become trained physicians, played pioneering roles in the medical and scientific fields. This article is dedicated to Dr. Zaruhi Kavalcıyan and Dr. Safiye Ali, two pioneers of women’s rights in medicine in Türkiye (...) Read More