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Editorial / VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1, MARCH 2024

Two Pioneers of Women Medical Doctors

Füsun Can and Özlem Kurt-Azap

Women have fought hard worldwide to obtain their right to education and service in medicine. Türkiye’s first female physicians, who challenged the traditional structure and struggled to become trained physicians, played pioneering roles in the medical and scientific fields. This article is dedicated to Dr. Zaruhi Kavalcıyan and Dr. Safiye Ali, two pioneers of women’s rights in medicine in Türkiye (...) Read More

Editorial / VOLUME 5, ISSUE 4, DECEMBER 2023

“Good” News from IDCM and Thanks to All Who Contributed

Murat Akova

The past year witnessed several big achievements for the IDCM which has become a half-a-decade old and a well-established scientific medium. The Journal has been indexed in the Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) since the very first issue in 2019. On the other hand, our statistics have substantially improved. Read More

Editorial / VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4, DECEMBER 2022

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (IDCM): From Infancy to Maturity

Murat Akova

With this issue of the Journal, we are completing the fourth year of our publication life.  As of today, we can proudly say that IDCM has greatly improved considering every aspect of a successful scientific periodical. First, in order to respond to fast increasing submission rate, we changed our publishing frequency (...) Read More

Editorial / VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3, DECEMBER 2021

End of Year, Editorial 2021

Murat Akova

With the current issue of the Journal, we will have left our 3rd year behind. So far, we have published 9 issues including highly interesting articles in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology (...) Read More

Editorial / VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3, DECEMBER 2019


Murat Akova

The Editors sincerely thank to all reviewers of IDCM for their generous contribution to the Journal. The quality of the Journal depends on their valuable expertise. […] Read More

Editorial / VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, AUGUST 2019

“One Health” and Promoting the Concept in the Journal

Özlem Kurt Azap

One Health is an innovative global approach aiming to tighten the collaboration and communication in all aspects of human, animal and environmental health. The areas of One Health approach include food safety, the control of zoonoses and combatting antibiotic resistance. The term “one health” was first introduced to the scientific community at an Expert Consultation [...] Read More

Editorial / VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1, APRIL 2019

Why a new medical journal?

Murat Akova

The history of scientific publishing is assumed to begin with the publication of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society in March 1665 by Henry Oldenburg who was the publisher and the editor, but also the first secretary of the Royal Society . Since then, more than 55- million of articles have been published and currently (...) Read More